Introducing Peer Insights: effortlessly collect feedback from those that know you best. Turn feedback into insights and insights into meaningful growth with your Mento coach.

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Finally, an easy way to get meaningful feedback on your growth

Feedback from colleagues is necessary for our growth. And yet we only receive feedback during formal reviews and have to process it alone, sometimes months later.

At Mento, we value regular, anonymous, and lightweight feedback. That’s why we created Peer Insights to automate the process so you can focus on what’s most important - the insights.

How Peer Insights works

Transform the way you get feedback from your team

Effortlessly collect feedback from your teammates in just two clicks.

Actionable insights delivered to your inbox

We automatically generate a report for you with the Insights from your colleagues, in a clear, shareable format.

Turn insights into action with the help of your Mento Coach

Your coach will help you identify clear and actionable next steps from your report to fuel your growth.

Make feedback your superpower

Peer Insights makes feedback easy. Use it regularly to make feedback a core part of your growth and leadereship.

Peer Insights deep dive

Learn more about the power of Peer Insights directly from a Mento coach and Organizational Psychologist.

Supercharge your career growth with Peer Insights

What our members are saying

Learn how our customers use Mento to change the way they work.


Product Design Lead, ThredUp

I wish we had this earlier! I've gained so much insight and love having a safe space to talk about the challenges I'm having with someone that really understands in a way my previous mentors and managers didn't.


Founder/CEO, Dilate

My coach helps me to clearly define my own personal goals and live to my full potential in my own authentic way. As an outside voice, she’s helped me see things I’ve been blind to, and has helped me grow and move out of a place of feeling stuck in certain situations.


Designer, Teamshares

My first coaching session was phenomenal. I was very hesitant to sign up at first because I've never done this before and I was afraid it could end up nowhere. After my session, I feel energized, happy, and ready to take on my career!


Chief of Staff, Sydecar

I occasionally hold on to grievances or frustration long after they’ve served me. When I shared this with my coach, they told me ‘Archiving or storing feelings only takes up storage space.’ We have limited memory and finite emotional bandwidth, so stocking the shelves with bitterness or regret takes away from growth and knowledge.