Mento for Teams

Be the best manager they ever had

Find out how your team members are truly feeling, identify their potential, and help them grow with Mento’s coaching tools.

Support your team like never before

Transform the way you connect with your team

Wellbeing check-ins, guidance, and sentiment analysis to make for more connected 1-on-1s, and insight into who you should focus your time on.

Find and amplify your teams strengths — and build a culture of growth and collaboration

Use surveys, assessments, and peer feedback to identify individual and team strengths, uncover opportunities for growth, and build a strong culture rooted in learning and support.

Help your team dream big with a personalized growth plan

We all get bogged down in our daily work. Craft personalized Growth Plans with actionable and meaningful goals to help each team member unlock their growth and potential.

Partner with a Mento Leadership Coach to support your own growth

You deserve support, too. Collaborate with a Mento Coach — world-class operators who’ve been where you want to go — to hone your leadership, set your own goals, work through team challenges, and so much more to make managing the most rewarding part of your everyday.

Lead, understand, and support your team like never before