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Close your team’s skill gaps when hiring isn’t an option

It’s a no-brainer to invest in augmenting our team’s skills through Mento. Investing in training means we’re more likely to hit our business milestones and retain our highest performers. At the same time, the team loves working with their Mento coaches. It’s a win/win.

Akshat Thirani

CEO @ Amper

Retain top performers by investing in their professional growth

As we scaled, leaders had less time to work with teams directly. We were unsure how to maintain a high level of support as we grew. Mento solved that for us. Now, individuals feel supported and, at the same time, Vivi shows we care about their career progression, too.

Simon Holland

Co-Founder @ Vivi

Cost-effective spend of learning and development budget

Our team loves Mento because it's mindful of our budget, and in comparison to traditional coaching, provides our team more actionable support that drives real performance, in addition to wellbeing. No other coaching solution gives employees more time spent in actual coaching at this price point.

Laura Welch Nevarez

Director, Talent Development @ Flatiron Health

Achieve more by spending less

Experience growth and support in a way that’s more accessible, long-term, and completely customized to your needs.

Conference or training
Traditional coaching
Upskill team to improve performance
Short lived
Improve retention of your top performers
Customized to each employee’s needs
Data reporting on outcomes and impact

How it works for your team

Get hand-matched

We'll handpick the best coach to meet each team members unique goals and challenges.

Coaching every 2 weeks

Each team member has a 45-minute session with their coach every two weeks.

Personalized and continuous growth

Each team member collaborates with their coach to set to-dos and track long-term progress.

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