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The Nature of Work is Changing. So is the Support We Need.

We own our careers, not our companies. That’s a good thing, but it's complicated. Meaningful careers take investment — and help. We're so used to going at it alone. But real career support is game-changing. We feel happier, more in control, and a lot less stressed when we have a support system to help us navigate our career on our own terms..

Our Manifesto

The Current Way of Working Isn’t Working.

Here’s what we do know. We’re all winging it. We get the occasional (deeply unhelpful) performance report. We join 20k slack groups in the hopes of finding something resembling a community. We spend thousands on one-off courses when we’re unhappy or feeling lost. We incessantly ask our partner or parents for their thoughts on our career path (aka we try to explain to them exactly what it is we do at work). And then we quit until we can figure it out. We’re all too alone in dealing with the daily frustrations, joys, and existential questions of our careers.

The New Way of Working Is With Support.

What if we could do it another way? Imagine making informed and intentional career moves with the support of a dedicated career coach who knows you and your goals. Connecting with like-minded and exceptional peers to never have to go through difficult moments alone. Getting consistent and useful advice and feedback from trusted mentors. Managing all aspects of your career in a personalised workspace that you own—not your company. Mento is the first career platform designed for the realities of today’s work. Whereas other companies may help you land one job or provide short-term coaching, Mento’s holistic, ongoing support helps you tackle the everyday and accelerate your career.

At Mento, We Work and Career Together.

We thrive in our careers when smart, exceptional people contribute to them. We are a career community of exceptional coaches, editors, experts and professionals, We collaborate through 1:1 coaching and peer groups, programs and workshops, editing and unbiased feedback, and sharing with one another. Mento members feel happier. Ongoing coaching and guided career programs help people set and reach their goals, no matter what they are. Collaborating with a community — peers in similar situations and mentors who’ve been there before — empowers us with knowledge, builds our confidence, improves our mental wellbeing, and helps us develop. Contributing to other people’s careers is just as fulfilling and rewarding as receiving it. We’re collectively reimagining how we work, with meaningful support and a trusted community, so that we can figure it out together. If this speaks to you, join us.

Our Origin Story.

We started Mento after experiencing the transformative power of career support first-hand. For Jamie, it was her own career confusion after years at Google that led her to seek out a career coach. For Alex, it was discovering a community of ambitious, entrepreneurial professionals when he moved to San Francisco.

It was through this sustained support, separate from our companies, colleagues, and work friends, that we gained new perspectives and approaches that redefined how we work and what our jobs meant to us. We learned to navigate the day-to-day office politics, and uncover the big-picture questions about the kind of work that made us feel invigorated and fulfilled. It became our career superpower.

But this kind of career-defining support is expensive and hard to find. The reality is that we were very lucky. We founded Mento because we wished we had this ongoing support and community from the moment we started our career. We believe that everyone deserves access to coaching and community to build the career that they want, on their own terms. We're building a career community where we all feel a lot less stressed, less lonely, and more fulfilled and content in our work and our careers. We hope you'll join us.

Jamie Albers and Alex Marcus, co-founders & co-CEOs

Don't Just Have a Job, Build Your Career

Mento membership combines 1-on-1 coaching, peer groups, and career programs to make career support a sustainable, ongoing and rewarding part of your life.