Frequently Asked Questions | Mento® Career Coaching & Mentoring

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What is Mento?

We've designed a new approach to career support that combines coaching with asynchronous collaboration with your coach and dedicated career team. Our goal is to provide you with consistent, meaningful support, that helps you both learn, do, and grow.

As a member, you'll get:

‣ Two 1-on-1 coaching sessions per month

‣ One 75 Minute Group Coaching session per month

‣ Unlimited messaging with your coach and career team

‣ Copywriting and editing support

‣ Access to members only speaker series & workshops

‣ Career Tools and Trackers to help you stay organized

‣ Expert-created Career Guides and Templates

‣ Participate in our goal-specific career programs designed to help you reach major career milestones, getting promoted, becoming a new manager, job searching, onboarding to a new role, etc.

Who are Mento Coaches? How am I matched with a coach?

Our coaches are vetted professionals, who've had exceptional careers. All coaches are vetted through a robust interviewing process. They are dedicated members of our team, and we treat the interviewing process as such. Less than 1% of coaches who apply are accepted.

Our coaches have worked across a variety of industries and roles including as an Senior Engineering Manager at Slack, VP of Customer Success & Sales at Xandr, Chief of Staff to Chief People Officer at MongoDB, Strategy and Operations Manager at Google, Technical Recruiting Manager at Facebook, and an Exited Founder. As our membership continues to grow, we are adding more coaches with experience like this to our team every week.

We believe that your coaching relationship is of utmost importance, so we carefully match you with a coach. We know our coaches extremely well (they're members of our team after all!), so we're able to take a more nuanced approach to the matching process. We match you based on previous experience, personality, coaching preferences and goals, among other factors.

How do I work with my Mento coach?

Your coach is your career co-pilot:

We believe that coaching is best when you have someone who you can learn from, who's been there before, who can be honest with you, and who's there for you through it all.

You'll work with your coach to navigate the day-to-day complexities of work, uncover the bigger career questions, and reach your career goals, from landing your dream job to workplace complexities, promotions, managing stress, career switching, leveling up, and more.

You'll have 80 minutes of 1-on-1 coaching each month. You'll also collaborate using the Mento platform between sessions. You'll work together to set goals and stay accountable. You'll also be able to message your coach between sessions to bounce ideas off of them and get answers to questions.

Your coach will also provides editing and copywriting support for anything from work-related emails, OKRs, career narratives, and conversations with your boss. Ultimately, we believe unbiased, meaningful feedback is hard to find, but critical to helping you grow and develop.

What is peer group coaching? How am I paired in a peer group?

We've designed group coaching sessions to be both cathartic and actionable. We've made group coaching a pillar of Mento because they're:

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded folks in the Mento community
  • A chance to share information, help each other tackle challenges, share our wins/losses/shortcuts, and check-in honestly with a group of folks who get it.
  • A time to disconnect from the daily hustle and grind, connect with others in similar situations, and check-in with yourself.
  • Build rewarding relationships and have a go-to community for your work/career related questions.

Additional coaching, of course! These sessions are another way to stay accountable to your goals, take care of your mental health, work through roadblocks/challenges, and share your knowledge with others. Mento Coaches lead group coaching sessions, and customize each session, based on the needs and goals of the group. You'll focus on a specific topic or theme, and d sharing and learning from one another, tackling personal and professional challenges with the wisdom of a group, and building relationships that you can rely on whenever you need help.

Groups are formed from members navigating similar career situations and in similar career phases. When you join Mento, we gather information from you and our coaches to match you with a group who we feel you can both contribute to and learn from. We believe that group coaching is a perfect compliment to 1-on-1 coaching. Working through and supporting others navigating similar challenges is fulfilling, rewarding, and cathartic. We so often go through our careers alone. Peer groups are the perfect antidote.

How do career programs work and which do you offer?

We try to meet you where you are at. We currently provide programming for members onboarding to a new role, new managers, leadership, career discovery (i.e. what should I do next) and the job search.

Our programs are completely flexible, but we provide you the toolkit, help you set your strategy, show you what great looks like, edit your materials, and hold you accountable every step of the way. We also host workshops and guest speakers to introduce new perspectives, expand your network, learn and grow personally and professionally, and take care of our mental wellbeing. This might include conversations on career-related topics from techniques to better provide feedback to managing burn out.

What's the membership cost?

If you are paying out of pocket, our membership is $170/month. We're working hard to make career support more accessible. Our membership model allows us to bring you best-in-class coaches without the $500/session price tag. If cost is a barrier, email us at We're on a mission to help everyone feel fulfilled and happy in their career, and do not want cost to be the reason you don't join.

If you are an employer interested in providing coaching and community to employees, please reach out to to learn more about our enterprise pricing.

Who can join Mento?

Mento is for people who care about their careers, and believe that fulfilling, meaningful careers are built with the support and mentorship from others. Our coach and peer group matching allows us to welcome members with diverse experience and backgrounds. All members complete a short questionnaire to help us match you with the right coach and peer group.

How can I get my company to expense my membership?

Don't be shy about asking your company or manager about career coaching. It might be something your company is already thinking about providing!

Many companies pay for coaching directly, or offer a monthly or annual stipend for Learning & Development, Mental Health/Wellbeing, or a general stipend which you can spend on your personal development. We've developed a template you can send to your HR team or Manager to confirm if you can expense it. Send us an email at and we'll be happy to help.

Do you help members find new jobs?

If you are looking for a new role, we can provide intensive support throughout a career transition and job search: from discovering what you want to do next to resumes, interviewing, negotiating, and beyond. We will make introductions to start-ups and tech companies in our employer network if you're actively job searching. We’ve helped our members with all sorts of moves like from nonprofit to LinkedIn, and social media marketing to UX Design.

What types of workshops, career content, and tools will I have access to?

We host regular workshops and speaker series, covering a broad range of topics and themes important to our community. We have a library of career guides and templates created with experts. You'll be able to access all of our content on the Mento platform along with tools to help you organize and manager your career, and collaborate with your coach.

I have more questions! Who do I ask?

So glad YOU asked! If you have more questions, please reach out to us at We'd love to hear from you.